11 Dec 2014

That beautiful aerial shot of autumnal Nelson in the clinic waiting room actually sooths a bit. Inspiring. On this rainy dark anxious day. Life half unraveled. The whole town and all its bright associations in a single eyeful.

4 Dec 2014

neurotic cats

maybe i'm projecting, but if their whole role in life is to sleep, or eat some shitty food - that can be a hard choice - maybe that's why they meow - so plaintively, but annoyingly - if you can't sleep, you gotta do something - and that's when you get annoying - there's only so much sleeping you can do, even for a connoisseur of sleep. i don't believe in reductionism though - i feel like i gotta pay homage to it, and it's a bitch, but it can't tell the whole story - it's convenient, but true.

Maybe there's some comfort in complaining. I hope there is. I mean, she's so black, and so cool, she's gotta have more going on than I understand. Well, I'm almost banking on a lacuna of empathy. Or just sentimental love of the cuddly cat. I'm susceptible.

It's a strange state, to have all your mental faculties, but hijacked. You take a hard look at emotions, from a gauzed-out perspective. There's more going on though. I prefer imagination to cynicism and shallow reductionism, and there's people who realize the possibilities of that.


and just another drama - a corner of a polyhedron wiremesh - do you remember, you node? i felt your personality, i just don't wanna describe it right here, right now, maybe i should, or i should have figured out how

i might not be able to communicate, so i might have to fill the null space - wow, what a job that is, what a wall... maybe not so bad, if values were slightly offset. it could be a lot different, when emotions are so arbitrary.

It's not even all that different. Unless that could make a difference in some economic scheme. But it can't, so it's lovely, yeah, it's smooth. And maybe some other words I'll come up with later.

Michael Brooks, the mentor I never met

I have a lot of podcast fraaaaands that I listen to every day. They don't know me but they're my best buds. I have to know their tak...