10 Mar 2015


Looking for contrary-minded, health-oblivious, passive, pessimistic roommate to share dim, decrepit 2 bathroom, 3 bedroom, 4 basement gray market pharmaceutical salon with negative cash flow.

Downstairs room with dying area, no natural light but a lot of 30 watts / 60 hertz. No windows, but features cracks, chasms, portholes, peepholes. Excellent wifi.

$750+ utilities/month. Laundry, shared kitchen and entrance. No parking. 57 min walk from bus route. Unfurnished. Available April 2.

Call 250-505-4311 or email for more information.


Anonymous said...

can i have the basement and two of the bathrooms?

Tasha Klein said...

so, what happened? did u get a room mate? post some pics! it sounds like that house in THE FIGHT CLUB, lol!

Hector the Crow said...

I got a basement apt, shitty little place with lame-ass landlords - i was just parodying the dumb housing rental ads that always say the same shit, asking for an active, positive, healthy roommate, etc. - was cathartic to make up an ad that was the exact opposite - the place isn't pic worthy at all

Hector the Crow said...

I'm finally out of there, horray!