12 Jun 2019

Way to Breathe

I'm working out new ways to perform and record. They take the form of melodic fragments, half-assed renditions of half-remembered songs, old ideas of mine resurrected, and wherever the associative flow and feelings lead. I'm also using the recordings as a way to audition vocal effects. I'll be posting some, just because I'm in a long gestation period between produced tracks. Instead of having nothing to show musically, I can at least offer some raw precursor material.

Way to Breathe 1 - Way to Breathe
Way to Breathe 2 - Fresh Mind
Way to Breathe 3 - Sick Charade
Way to Breathe 4 - Paranoid About

References: fairytale of new york - the pogues, let's lynch the landlord - dead kennedys, paint it black - the rolling stones, rap - mr. show [the rich fat kids vs the tibetan monks episode], chapter 24 - pink floyd, quicksand - david bowie, the end - the beatles, the song that doesn't end, away in a manger, revelations - iron maiden, to tame a land - iron maiden


Tasha Klein said...

Like the magic fader remix and the piano on the last, really felt like you were on to something .. was kinda sad when it was all over. Reminded me of when I first got down here and had to hike up to my sister's house to use the internet.. Then I finally got internet of my own and it was so slow it took one YouTube video an hour to download and I only had one channel on the tv but I had a few of your songs downloaded on my dellarina and that is what I listened to while playing Solitaire. Love your voice. Hope you are well. Love, tash

Hector the Crow said...

Thanks Tasha! I appreciate the comment. Dellarina, lol. I'm doing quite well lately. I'm gonna be posting a bunch more of those keys/vocal improvs soon. Sending love your way.

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