5 Jan 2019

inertia addict

Impeach the motherfucker. Is it worth physically fighting over, fist-fighting, then street-fighting, then civil war? There's all this rage, it's gone too far, how much more can we take? Even if we could take it, should we? Fuck no, it's gotta stop, we've gotta stop it, get militant. There's some configuration of force they call "our side" cause it's never a protracted people's war exactly, there's a vanguard whether it's the left or the right, the really really motivated 3% and the 20% who can be converted into partisan killers, and force their will on the malleable non-ideological folk in the crossfire. But maybe we can step back from the brink, still work within the system, follow the rule of law. "Our side" will be sorry if we're successful in bringing down their television president, they say. They'll rise up, get violent. More violent, that is.

Now is it worth the crescent by cul-de-sac suburban slaughter, the unimaginable guerrilla warfare in big-box retail parks? Now that it's actually happening, the inconceivable, the defensive line behind Staples and Old Navy, to hold back the advancing red-hats from the Costco perimeter, can we remember what it's about? It's some emotion. We're fighting because we're fighting, it has its own momentum. It's solidified into an attempted genocide on the other. It's not like they're two races - well one of them is a race, the bloodless cyborg imperium, genetically predisposed for world domination - and then all the other races on the other side. If there's ever been a case for a race to be wiped out, it's those blue-eyed devils - if we were gonna wipe out a race, which we're not, some of those white walkers are our allies, and some of them are just so deluded they think their psychopath rulers are concerned about their cannon fodder. Only in the sense that a gun owner is concerned about his ammunition. If poor blacks can't be the property of rich whites, poor whites will suffice.

So we've been fighting for a while, cause we've been fighting for a while. Once the fight started, the inciting events faded. It's not about something that seems so small as impeachment, now that politics is on hold, it's a death struggle. Right now we're just fighting to survive til the spring, when the fuel shortage won't matter as much. But then we'll have fresh spring rage. It burns on and on like a tire fire. It's been so long, it seems, but five years is a coffee break next to those ancient feuds still spilling blood in the middle east and europe, so we'd better settle in. This isn't like one of those wars that meant nothing, like the great war, or pretty much every war since, besides ww2, it's personal. The gamer bros gloat on twitter when the power comes back on. They post a go-pro helmet-vid of somebody's kill streak. Kill streaks are real now, they don't refer to xbox games, but dead humans that stay bleeding on the parking lot instead of vanishing to lower the polygon count for faster frames. The transition from xbox to real life slaughter left the lingo intact.

This is about those people that fucked us over decade after decade with their rural votes being worth more than our city votes because of a two hundred year old hostage negotiation, those people who started the culture war that turned into the shooting war. And to be fair, we did incite violence - there was a breaking point, we did fight back, finally, we put their god-appointed leader in prison, it had to be done.

Now here we are, in the bombed out ruins of the target megastore, haha, you gotta love the dirt-cheap irony, splitting up a can of chunky soup nine ways, the last of our salvage run cut short by the drone attack. We're blaming them for this, they're blaming us for this. The perpetual hostage blame game. Is it worth it? Probably not, for us or them or anyone. But... why should we have backed down? They should have, finally, at long last, had some decency. But they didn't, we kind of knew that would happen. Will it be worth it? Probably not, too much has been lost, if we can some day sign a peace treaty, we can start producing something other than explosives, and bring the economy back to maybe a thousandth of what it was. Maybe we'll have learned a lesson of some kind. Like, never back down in the first place, so that you don't get into the position where standing firm for the moral and/or pragmatic reasons starts the kind of war never seen before, a 21st century bio-toxic dirty-bomb wired into every system that sets back world civilization itself a millennia or two.

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