14 Feb 2004

Mnemonic Geometry

Point A

Arbitrary alpha portal, flaky offtopic introduction, schizoid suite, piece of the action, drop in the bucket, Point B.

Subpoint B-C, facet 1.63. Arrowheads in the earth, hammerheads off the nails, misfired weapons, depleted uranium, radioactive decay, point S.

Schematics, nouns, soil-covered propositions, word-covered pinecones under coniferous-canopied hallucinations, stuff dreams are made of, metaphors, point E.

Escape routes from opium dens into dark forests, holes through the painted ceiling, cracks in heaven's needlebed. Verbosity, virtuosity, off-key hubris of the 17th order, damp. Point D.

Demonstration. Proof. Incompleteness theorem. Theories. Plural. Singular. Forest. Trees. Branch-trees, twigs-trees, needle-trees. Perverted fractal. Ants. Society. Individual.

Ego. Point I. Itchy prickly point, poke, poke through point K, through the eye of the needle, through the eye of the beholder, the sufferer-saint, puke, point, philosophy, Zen, The Moon. Point M.

Angle, plane, dimension, squared, cubed, hypercubed, metasquared, superdooperhypermetacubed to the twenty third power, here, there, prepositions, points.
Point F, point G, point H.

Line in the dirt, dichotomy, right-left, natural-artificial, forest-city, dirty-clean, ants-people, unconscious-conscious.

Point P, pointy pixilated 26-sided polygon poem.

Iota interlude, flexible variable, malleable metaphor, architectural focal point, atrium, creek, pristine, god, extra-life, point L. Divination-drawn card-playing algorithm, decision not to fold, point Q, the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, point J, jagged seam~dried glue, point R.

Reverberations, echoes, synesthetic ripples in spacetime, bones from semantic battlefields, husks of discarded telepathic exchanges, point C, point counterpoint - hollow molecules of humanity, ghosts, souls, history, piracy, plunder, point taken.

Point T, point U, point V, point W, point X marks the horizon of asymmetry, gravy, goodlife, get-out-of-gravity-free, levitation, doorway out of the forest and into the lopside, opium-zen dissolve, transparent meaning, steel node, gear, society's forward march, missile shield, point N.

Nano-tech, migration to information, hostile takeover of reality by language, willing suspension of disbelief, tolerance for crap, Contrast, Repetition, Proximity, and Alignment, Platonic Aesthetic, Taste, point Y - as in, Y do we care?

Point Z, caboose, tail, fray, peel, weak link in the chain, decadent oligarchy running things from the obscenely ornate offices of the pyramid cap, power vacuum, unplugged omega point, loose.