24 May 2015

The faintest ink is better than the best memory

Don't reach out, don't go there, stay in here, inside, dig, down, deep.

Stop telling others this or that. Tell whatever void's gotta be told what's what.

Running from any edges that get me edgy -

Draft it, draft a draft, draft it. Music still sounds senseless. Swagger turned to stumble. Sty in eye of universe. Too exposed. Like the shows I'm watching. Or just a delusion. I hope so. It's just youtube. It doesn't matter. It's not as cool, I see through it. But that extends to everything, self, all of the slaked slated tiles of everything that's so terribly necessary to say.

Unproductive stupormania stumbles on. There's a good soundtrack. Maybe I need to fuel in the daylight. Paul Butterfield. The guy I was supposed to care about. Now I gotta.

cross medium jam

with younger iteration of this guy who talks about himself in the third person - shake hands with stendal, that old bit of brand-junk severed for no purposes yes, it's alright, it's all right - don't look back, it doesn't flow well enough that way - it gets too structured, scorched under the blast furnace emission of that thing, the mountain where those people are, do that thing to that guy! Action hotdog go!

you gotta get that goofy truth seems a lofty ideal sometimes - The Goof Truth squad. The gold standard of Goof-proofs is Emmanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.

This is that mountainous dirge I remember, that's got some joyful melancholy in it, like that guy harangues louie about savoring whatever flavour of sadness that was, something serious, heartache type thing, the jaded sage says it's the best part, is it irony?

There was a whole mythology about fingers, and how they snapped, and smelled. It's probably still relevant, but ambition is lacking. Wanting to narcotize its parent cognitive pattern. A rat running around in a maze, in a brain. Chili Willey, gotta roll! Roll down the staircase, elevator, escalator case, just as long as the veins drive on, down, deeper, into the superstructure exhaust port - it drove like i cared, like i loved to care about it driving, it became a stand-in for some other things, and all surrendered to dreams, making one's own music video about it, sophisticated stand in for scrap booking, or rather, a demon haunted thrillhouse ride for mandrake palavers with lucifer.

It was a resonant rain chamber of being perfectly ok with this level of texture, spinning, like hearing about the bubbles in a chugging change chamber of changing operators and their structures with patterns for flattering and felating the master pretender of becoming okay, like where it all matters, with burnt almonds and whistling alternate versions of documented in the moment quarter ecstasy, about as good as the real gets.

Then there's this altogether other sentence of building comp-hiccup glitches wall partner spars, climbing like ivy, and giggling eyelid flutters all over the lashes of your edifice, spread, ready for fogging delirium until it gets to a paste of self-parody, and yet, oddly egged on by simulacrum low end of the speed spectrum compulsion... maybe the stand in has had its time. Impromptu Fuck You is even better. The best. Driving, ever forward, to some reflection of the decadence of some massively ridiculous roman empire epoch - take it easy - any way it comes - oh, and i bookmarked this part. The kid stays in the picture. Everything's as good as you need it to be. Thank god the distracted archivist got it, even though it echoes of self-parody, and that sometimes transmogrifies into truth, like an ancient handshake morphed into a Spinal Tap song, and who could possibly want to read anything? Everybody's pounding out text, of a form, there's not an art to it though, or maybe there is in some unknown subculture of caring. Ringing tweak that only I will know. Let it keep that way. Ringing to infinite death inflation. Dissipating energy, heat death, before the era of quantum cosmic tweaks to meta-universal view.

And review.

My lungs are not leather yet. I need to chat, in text, not talk, can't do voice. Voice is fucked.

Affirmation mode leads to delirium, unfortunately. And delirium doesn't lend itself to dabbling. But dabble I do, for now, in the moment, gotta. Gotta make some hash out of this life. And listen to a Deep-Purpleish jam I played with Nelson and Malik. Consuming makes me sad, lately, but doing something is just a little better, there's a little magic in that.

Weird substitutes I partake in with little rations of the real thing. And bombed. Changed everything.

LENSE tickler, and lenticular invigilator spokesperson for spooky ventricles trickling facile with facility down a river of  - creeper with myself - personalize porn - the affectionate nickname

hoping for later iterations of virtual reality technology to holodeck-ize my aspirations for possibility of fun and custom-design self-monument, monatize that shit, sherlock, in a monastic way

hazing out of sleep in the day in this latimer place is surreal, half-in-half-out of the dream with house noises of all stripes, hyper communicative floor whispering into fruedian constructs in psycho-hydraulics, and with all that going on, my personalized pan asmr playlist feeding me lecture-tinged dreams, solving trig problems in ancient egypt with herodotus

Can't do that venue of the half email.

the only thing i've recorded in a while

Latimer Glitchfest

23 May 2015

The Fog Machine

i just don't care anymore

a deep apathy

reverse psychology / self-fulfilling prophecy?

maybe wellbutrin would be different

maybe I have ADD, maybe I need speed, wouldn't that be convenient?

i can't seem to care, except to care about apathy, wonder if there's anything to add...

hiccup, comp hiccup

maybe i need a big hearty meal - well i'm connected in that regard, maybe if performing an apathy cadenza, go full bore with the actual pathetic circumstances and reduce any possible inspiration, maximize malnutrition

what good are words anymore, what do they do? they look ghostly on a screen - i shut off from scenes, don't mix it up anymore - surely it's possible, but doesn't happen, like there's this inertial certainty in this dead connection

a drink would be great right now

how can one need to be freaked out all the time? what is that little sliver that's likable about it? and then wants to smooth with booze... blend... mix it up... A splinter faction, AA parenthesis, THCok.

no outlet, no electricity, need to plug into something - words are one thing, maybe low value these days, but something nonetheless

need something to worship, yes, something other than the unknown, that doesn't cut it anymore...

I KNOW! I need to spend myself out of misery. I'm not broke, so why not? Either kilos of good drugs... or personal possessions, high tech high quality everything. Or both. Well, one of those would be inspiring, anyway. Why can't I be grateful for what I have? Because I'm not. Cause, euphoric recall of more soulful feeling times in the not so recent past.

I write blog posts, or I write letters to friends, it's basically the same thing, not very satisfying, plugging into nothing. The plug rusted down the drain. The tubes are the drain, George. THE GREAT DRAIN. Maybe at the bottom of the Great Drain is THE BIG ELECTRON. Whoam.

Not bad, I need a boardroom of yes men and liquored up ad men and one perky copywriting woman to advertize my imaged position in a self-created haze of cannabinated twilight.

Not bad, yeah. See there's a facility that edges out of the fog every now and then, but I can never grab hold of it, cause I'm too nodding out in the fog right now, and can rarely seize on any worthy seeming vision for more than a passing flight of fancy. This would be fascinating to others, if I was an interesting person, which I'm not. So it's just this fog.

How about this? An interesting fog, free as vapour, just floating through the bars in the prison wall, even squeezing through plexiglass, one filmy molecule at a time, an interesting fog like the smallest uninteresting number, and isn't THAT interesting? see? I'm pitching this as a potential euphoric feeling to my self, the dour self who's depressed all the time, unfortunately the chairman of this drab boardroom. Turn on the synthesizer machine and make an art project. The fog could be mechanized, made into a machine, a fog machine, it's what's in those E-cigs, buy an e-cig and vapourize a homespun blend of tobacco, hashish, and purple-level salvia and unplug from the program's guilt machine, can I not have a program for a while, must I run back right away?

Can I say fuck you to everyone, mainly my own feelings of paranoia and persecution? Yes, let's say I can. And dayum son, unga binga bunga!

For a moment, I just wanted to get baked and watch Mad Men for the rest of my life.

These modern UIs are screwy. Glitchy. Counter-intuitive. Google's getting rotten. Or had already gotten, I just hadn't noticed til now.

Why not write about Luc? Instead of surrendering to the getting baked and consuming other's better ideas about what makes a good story and character...

It doesn't seem quite so cohesive, a second time around. Sidetracked by potential paradigms of where it's okay to say whatever, it's all perfect, very in the moment, the knowing you're high and appreciating it moment, which is nice, when one can get it

What's all this one usage all of a sudden? Am I trying to be someone else? I successfully dileniated the chord progression there. Attaboy, me. Why does google not know that word? Tangent not worth it.

The great song, the worthy song, or even a feelingful song is wrong. Or rather, nowhere to be found. Just wanted to rhyme. What does that say about anything? What was the ticket? I had it in my hand a second ago.

Wait a minute. Gotta connect back to that feeling. When words really mattered, individually, had personalities. Only looks lonely from the outside. Although I've made it a mystic mythology, esoteric to even myself. But I remember the appeal. Of being a shut-in, shutting out the world. There has to be enough action in the interior to make it desirable, and that's hard to sustain. My attempts always seem to become deliriums. I don't like the delirium anymore, I want to remember things, have perception resonate. I don't care if my words don't matter to anyone else, or at least I could feel above that if they mattered to me, that's all I need, but these days, it's tricky.

21 May 2015

scalpel of reason

don't want anything outside to overwhelm and distract the inside? is that it? but what is so special about the inside? nothing, really, right? so continue to question the sidewalk, as if there's something special about the tiles, like they could animate and answer questions -

styles, used to be a glut of style, and swagger, and liquid courage

getting away with this and that, slipping under the radar of the arbiter, sneaking past the gauntlet of the accountant - before it got too real

dragged along the ice

i want it to flow better, like a song, but music feels oppressive now - why? cause claw marks in the ice, chasms, envy

bleachers, always on the bleachers lately, spectating

you know what? it's time for the rhyming of the dram. And damn yourself to a life of not giving a damn.

safe sanctioned dull sleepers and diphenhydrinate, pharm chat with r-dawg and htc, remember that old avatar?

9 May 2015

---zing.!? what's left?

what happened to liking music? passion died, or that's one way of putting it
romantic action ranked out... yeah

words fade quickly, almost immediately

doesn't matter what style, what reference, what nod, echo
fade out - maybe not enough fades out... what could be phased out...

warmth coursing through, a bit of synthetic warmth, heating oil, but not hard - on -

stymied -
not for others

full of knowledge, knowledge pouring in but doesn't wanna be received - still cold - cold hands -
doesn't matter what song, can't choose anything
can try and be entertained by other people's manias, but try and appear cool about it
not caring, but i do care about it
but, patient zero... is...
i don't know

don't care about the new albums, not following, nothing worth following
lost identity
symbolic, but that's just noise
it's just noise

future course, barring a miracle
frozen language, meanings, head full of not much, mush
synthetic phase out course, committing to a course of slow death
really slow death, leisurely, in a way, like mint-flavoured zyklon B

string out death long enough and it gets practically palatable
a grainy strain of smeared out like stretchy taffy
why bother to construct anything? unless there's
money in it, to keep a cycle of finances and expenditures going
cause that can feel good, almost, sort of

envy for the people that can have a good time, in the full on kind of way, with all manner of intoxicants - but not poisonous, that's too strong a word - and still - cold hands, damnit, and...

envy for...

what is a thing that doesn't work? i don't understand its workings - it's a downer - a deep hole, a cavern without a tavern, a dry dry storage area - for waiting out the clock, working out the clock, then waiting again

some make more sense of it than i do - it gets nonsensed up in a nodal cross-section of the brain which likes to construct unsolvable riddles - recycled for use as song lyrics - some successful language makers, hegel and philologic writers getting lots of book sales and led zeppelin association

I don't know what to do with this iteration of life. Could feel it, perceive it, passively consume it. What is the point though? I dunno. Want to rhyme, pointlessly, in warmer iterations, righteously, joyously, but that's a drowned word, so abstract, like rusting pieces of the titanic on the atlantic seabed...

What's this gonna achieve? I dunno. Super-intelligent mush said that. Making a hash of things. A mushy hash. Almost reminded me of a time I wrote a line and was gratified. That time must have been a cross-section of booze-fueled attitude and the passive feeling area that wants and has, when dopamine and seretonin are in balance, and everything's good, just works the right way.

But again, what's this gonna achieve? When there's no right music, even lite jazz to make it right, everything's just wrong. Delusion flaws ballooning in size? Or something else, I forgot. Gotta let it go to shreds and feel good about it. Rationalize the unreasonable, with every layer of possible criticism like the entire atlantic depth pressing on the head - pop up somewhere later random

not enough random - wrote a letter to her about random number generators - well, ran out of fuel, have to switch to renewable resources of life-loving stuff, whatever that is - force feed flowers and birds - nah, that ship sailed, that trend is irreversible, barring some miracle. See, patterns?

Warming the hand. Can't achieve critical mass. Wry write about it, through it? Be content with thoughts instead? Wait a second, diphen slurred thoughts? that sweetens the deal - the goal should be dreams anyway - they've been good lately, like nearly always - the flipside, a little crack but if that was absolutely all, it would be enough