26 Jun 2014

Why do my friend's boyfriends have to keep overdosing on dilaudid and booze? Fate is not only cruel but a composer of demented nursery rhymes.

22 Jun 2014


Petable, so petable, it rubs me the wrong way. And don't mix lit w recovery. Stitch together a batch of bitches, and litbitch, complain artfully. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

You can pet me, I won't bite. You know that. I'm only a pet. Never anything more. Why don't you caress me? I'm not picky. I can barely remember the feeling. But no, okay, pet, cause I'm petable, adorable, in the way I'd rather not be. Not that I mind, but. I want more, I guess. Not biding time, I'm wasting it. Clock's ticking in this life drama.

But nevermind.

Walled cities... the warp that wears off quicker than salvia... this is my channel, this is your channel... pre-mid-life-crisis. Ramalamas...