19 Oct 2018

the leukocytes are bright tonight

i saw the leukocytes again
it's been a few weeks since i saw them
i always love it when i see them
i love my leukocytes
especially when they become visible, animate
the way they move
darting, curving in directions
as inscrutable as insects
but i figure i could figure them out
someone has, some neuroscientist
like the etymologist figured out that figuration of an insect's flight
someone named them so i could rhapsodize

but mostly i feel a loving bond
with my body
the usually hated body
cause if these bright streaks inside me
are on the team, it can't be such a failure
and they seem so personal
little people in a hurry, ecstatic
don't know their agenda
outside blood regulation
which is important but there's something
beyond that, like my cleaning this drama room
is not the sum of my life, there's more than the parts
don't know what the more equals with these leukocytes
but in a sense, they're mine, intimate partners
in the macrocosm imagined to be me

i love my leukocytes
they usually show themselves
for half a minute
after i've put myself through a moment of
extreme physical exertion
but it was only a minor exertion just now
so i can't find the causation
just a vague correlation
there's no 430 nanometer wavelength of sky blue anywhere
is it the wall of mirrors, or is that just the
obvious symbolism i would use in a rhapsody?
cause I'm working in the drama room maybe?
i'm curious and yet i don't quite want to know why
and sever the bond