22 May 2004

off and on


on top

a topology of ontologies, ontological options

on observance of a small observation point on the infinite

off art

in light anesthesia - in feeling bigger feelings, surfing longer wavelengths, flying above the high strung tight-wound small timers imprisoned in cities and rhetoric making silly stabs at legacies

on a drug again, impractical again, solving algebra by visual process of alien flora, sending neuronic current through root networks, water tables, granite and fossilized ruins of ancient mammalian empires, insect hives, oily residue of crushed jungles, penetrating further for the truth of sustenance or the sustenance of truth, liquefying in the mantle and cutting through death to the luminous void, meeting maker, drugsmith, chipsmith, computer tech, mechanistic knickknacks, magic acts, digital artifacts of plural existence, reality of wars and societies, underground bunkers and space stations, memes and music, genes and seminal vesicles, angels and satanic agents in competition, within, idols of a low level, an arch as near as your autonomous reach apprentice, pretender to the throne of the chameleon temple, the invisible college, the moon

satisfied with myself as terrestrially stupid and comprehending so much, even on gravity’s leash, as a miracle, in the shadows of greats, in the glare of a mystery, as an alien to the other that is as much a part of me as the atoms bound to solid-state ego-scaffolding once residing in suncores

plastic artifacts on the mowed-lawn of the golden eternity, stone carvings in the mud of a monastery, in a lecture hall playing god, nuages gris at the wild nectar, dilato posting in kitsch, cheapo but reaping day sleeping way into the gnostic sun-tanned cornfield under the clouds of humanness, the hairy husk of the secular fermenting on the ground, entering the system of the ants, unusable chemical constituents efficiently excreted

religious, reverence, rhapsody, rapture, reality, relief, rebirth

oversoul, undersoul, soular plexus, nelson nexus

on art again

off the gravy train, the intergalactic ritual of constituent enlightenment, the reading of the constitution of the universe, off the plane and onto plains of awkward lines and contrived rhymes and known variables

on bitter, off sweet, re-arming with sarcasm, refilling on frills and searching for thrills on the freeway of low vibration life, jockeying for a position, breathing the air that someone owns because the ownership society was a pragmatic approach to human stewardship/exploitation of nature, putting conveniences into perspective and plunging into the soul-numbing depths of political...