18 Mar 2011

Me Fans Are Scheepid Piglets

One Two Three Fourraye am an antique wrist!
and i am a novelist!
oh don't worry, i'll remember that song
i'll file it away for future reference
future reference paves slumberland freeway
four bald manservants at the corners of my bed
stop-sign, ain't your rules a fucking game?

was this worth getting out of bed for?
never end a friendship with a preposition
you've changed man
it used to be about the sex and drugs!
what's this music shit?
was it worth getting out of bed for?
i remember when you would take a sleeping pill at midnight
and blog till 3 in the morning anyway
what happened?
now it's an event, getting out of bed
and for what? this non-ironic happenstance?

slag off! o slag off!
water water everywhere yet not one drop to drink
sha-bang! there's plenty more purple flasks where that came from
o kinetic energy, o graphic calisthenics of caligula-like overkill
o phenotype pheromone hairspray from the photogenic genome
yo gnomish hearsay, boy, where's my latte boy? tell murphy i said
slag off!
i'm drinking purple-flask juice to forget about the excess saliva
it could be this, or it could be that, i could be too thin, or i could be too fat
it could be the traz, it could be the serts, or it could be
i'm thinking when i could be drinking, fuck the thoughts, time to bask
in the purple flask

15 Mar 2011

austere food and lots of it

no howl, no foul
or yes foul, no fair, scratch that
win this, tomorrow's agenda
write this
type set yes please
laundry ball
i can unsee a round slab of garlic fingers
but i can't uneat said slab
won't regurgitate
will digest as fate, for good or ill
this is what i call forward motion through linear time

hit the floor running

or maybe not, it's fun to imagine though