31 Jul 2008


i’d like to narrow it down to rose
it was farce, now it's tragedy
i'm logical, grasping for love

quite requited
i like that

it's a fly vertex
it's a poisoned corner
it's fucked, but it’s flicked, kinetic,stuk~
nature is a whore
isn't that what he said
that self-killer?

do you see how bitter the reality is?
can you love me through that clarity?

i disrespect people who respect me
familiarity breeds contempt
that's another reason i'm in the vortex
i see you sittin’ there – ya think you’re so cool
well why don’t you just...
that's my delirium, that's hell
that's what i got and didn't deserve
my reward for being assraped in my sleep
twenty thousand leagues under dramamine
that's when i get honey on my tongue
that's when i find those folds i looked for
that weren't there when i needed them
that would have got me a gig in dirty vancouver
that would have kept me out of organic nelson
now it's a gratuitous grace
now it’s a gratuitous grace
ace in the hole, yo
i know how to make a space
for us to bury treasure that will
never never never ever again be seen

drinkin up finley’s
finley o’ fiasco
jonathan, luc, michael
we all have biblical names
poor forget, hope less, homeless, friends with punnish names
i'm dissociating and remembering these tangled webs
but not tangled enough i guess, i never got that good strand
that goddew, that goddamn dew, that's what i wanted in the web
where is it, can anyone direct me? nevermind, don't impoverish guatemala
to prop up my lifestyle, we will aportion the fruits of the earth
in the morning, when we wake up, we will grind coffee for gaia, we
will sit down and work this out all civilized like

it’s got to expand, solvents will solve everything, clean the stainless steel, cement the cracks, pave over love, wrap your sore finger in tight plastic, dildos for all, of anita hardcock stock, hardy, hearty, healthy, wealthy, wise business decisions, invest in a machine that’ll retain its sheen, pristine hobart dishpit, it’s the shit yo, it’ll appreciate, it’s a work of art, keep it frosty, keep the steel shining, it’s what you want to do, it’s why they pay you wages, i suck electricity, i metabolize music, i record, archive, ramble, moan, forget to take my serts... if a drunk dies i don’t hear, it’s a splatter i scraped off the new hobart dishwasher steel, just a lost synapse, polished over with steel cleener, smells like steel clean, real steel clean, steely eyed while that same goddamn iron maiden song plays, AGAIN, how many times do i have to hear this stupid fucking song, thinking about my lost girl and how it lapped literary waves, stfu, scrub, rehab 2029 bioclock marty mcfly, brain salad surgery, giger got it right with dx balls

22 Jul 2008

hara kiri kamikaze

hara kiri, hari hari
hara kiri, kamikaze
my afterlife
will last 330 milliseconds

oh it's hara kiri time
and i'll meet nobody's eyes
it's kamikaze time
a shameful suicide
i won't give you trouble
if you don't harm my pride
it's hara kiri time cause
i'm dead inside

he was a logical asshole
i'm an irrational saint
he was technically correct
he was technically correct

everybody loves a chump
everybody loves a chump
we don't chloroform our friends
unless they're really good friends
everybody loves a chump

it's hara kiri time
i won't work another day to support my inner child
it's kamikaze time
it doesn't have to get intolerable before i quit
it's hara kiri time
i don't want to test the stress limits
it's kamikaze time
i can see where this is headed
it's hara kiri time
i'm taking you down with me
it's kamikaze time
you're fired

oh yes, you're being pretty petty
oh yes, and it costs you a pretty penny
right back at you retard, i can be as petty as you
when i talk revenge i follow through
it doesn't cost me a thing
my life is worth nothing

it's hara kiri time
i'm so clean you can't see me
it's kamikaze time
i'm next to godliness
i'll be gone
in my chasm of deadcalm
you won't find the vermin you need to loathe
anyone can feel angst, anyone can be angst
everyone's a snowflake, everyone's a critic

oh it's so funny, your need to be elite
how you sweat to seem so cool
i guess you're elite at being elite
it's easy to be rich if that's all you want to do

i haven't forgiven you, it was only a moment of weakness
we're all sinners, still sinners
but at least i didn't get caught stealing smokes from my checkout aisle
there's that in my favour
it takes more than blamelessness
to get into the canadian land of the dead
i just have to do one thing
put you in the E.R.
that's all i've got to do
then you get a story, a sympathy card
whatever it is people like you get out of the deal
and i get an afterlife
it will last 330 milliseconds but it'll feel longer

12 Jul 2008




way down
where you never go
only the pretty ones
only the ugly ones
you want a word?
i'll give you a word
you want paranoia
i'll give you a web
way down


thank god i'm enslaved
and everything is



YES - now THAT is how i'm supposed to feel - perfect - captured it - - dunk dunk oh amon, you're better than i gave you credit for, even if the keyboard is verticle now, hehe...>\

mormon music reviews

sponsored by killing technology - we're joined at the hip in an ironiclusterfruck, and uh... you DO know how that goes don't you? pat pat

pat pat patterns
oh amon
silly packages
of silly things
oh amon
silly strings of meanings
silly meaning strings
amon tobin

crazy ribbons and what is it they say about the jay, is he an artist, or a narcissist? or a car crash? a trainwreck? a hurricane? a drop of dew? yo. u. 2. i had to, you know, you just lol gotta go with the flow, especially things are bouncing, you know you can do better but you better not try, the record labels are gonna come and make us all feel, uh, whatever. White Sucrets Solution. Grocerypharm slanted, this town needs one of those old things, so say i, at the behest of this song.

10 Jul 2008

my little corner

well - this is how we do it - for some purpose or other - i remember the imperative - it's not good unless it's delirious and pushed by popping pretty cheeks, you know? that kind of freaknessitude... unfortunately, there is still a lot of cerebral wankery in our future, battles must be waged, let it be more civilized, let it be online, lord i do hope it's not on us to shed blood, i really don't, blob, blob...

those ancient chemicals have faces but they're curved funhouse faces reflected back at me - i'm so afraid - turn off the lights -- it all means too much --- where are my bearings? what meant anything in the past? now all tastes salty and seasoned and just right hot dayum, man, ohno. pure sensation, should we? how about you?

saw music

the latin real book is unceremoniously subsumed to crumbles, vital crumpers, core campfire crumbles, not long for this world, good for a night, maybe into a melting morning plateau, it might work, we'll see

those horn shots are loud, even on headphones, and there's enough pabst on the kitchen counter to kill art tatum - there's been a slide, in quality, in intelligence quotient, but in the dark scummy valley of the brain drain, on the other side, with half-clever plumbers who haven't fixed our dank basement hideaway homes yet, we feel that standardized tests didn't cover everything - i was a fly on the wall when they standardized the test, corporate canada breeds bad beaurocrats and worse entrepreneurs, all highly successful, i'm waiting in line for my next hit, the next is always best and spice controls life and i have friends in high places and masons in my basement with poison fangs waiting to claw my balls off - i still have my straw hat stashed away, it's dusty but it calls people to me, mugwumps and women but mostly the former, or it might given sufficient delcharm

there's something beautiful about the sight of the saw, the see saw of sobriety and intoxication, the way it sways, the way it cuts through my retinas - thought i was tired, summer gave me a shot, squandered exponential sums of money and became even more jaded, even more jaded, even more meaningless, faux-jaded, meaning too much of nothing, might as well, especially something that's unsayable, i say in a condescending way, you said it before and i nod, i've heard it before but never quite like this, i'll find a way to hear it, see it, you won't see that i see, you'll be frustrated, forget what you were talking about, i'll see that and see that it's the key, i'll fashion the key, you'll see the key after a fashion, my fashion fancy, fancy that you see that fashion, and i'll say hey, what were we talking about? and neither of us will remember because it's not scheduled til novemember

everything changes then
the dirty diaper this country has lived in
creepy k-crust cradle, how old can it be? it's a long artistocratic hangover
hork up your appropos and importune forefathers, fashion chinese fortunes
nicotine bandaids and solider on, the sins and stains of finance, the viral strains of delirium, virulent dramamine, methamphetamine, apple pie, this country
this country
this country
you know what i mean
when i saw you north of peace river

sheeit man, i haven't pimped my sister out just yet
there's still markets, caverns, gemstones and Fine Fruit Combos
that's copyright, FFF, fight for freedom, fight slapstick sarcasm
fight self-effacing irony and question jello biafra

find a goat
dig a moat
row your boat
who's got the tooth?

10 for 80

10 for 80 question?
10 for 80 period
it's decided
10 for 80
he can do it
i see what he deals

200 cash and stash
i can do it
i can use myself
there's enough material
just barely
enough for friends and whatever comes along
the thing we're all hoping for
the thing nobody wants to volunteer for
the thing that must just happen like magic
waiting for the wand
is it in my hand, can't remember, can't see
double triple cubed vision blind

urban handshake disaster
fact or fiction?
dominance plays
fakeries dangling from the sappy crack tree, fear in nelson
embellished stories of the highway patrol
stopped at a data-mining checkpoint
please don't check the breath
hyperventile, get the toxins out of your system
make eye contact, don't freak them out
traffic directions, we weren't avoiding your tail
we were just taking the fastest route home
yes, really, i didn't time it with a stopwatch, but
force of habit, force of habit, like your force
just as habitual

praise through faint damnation
won't you take me home tonight?
boundary girl is everywhere but she's gone, boundless
got me a girl in the clouds
in the clouds, they smell like solvent
those clouds are toxic but they're so clean

lost weekend found missing
mallory buddy and the drummer girl again
she feels "shitty" about not getting back to me
getting back to me?
don't be sorry, just go fuck yourself
i'll watch to make sure it's done right

8 Jul 2008

tight plastic

why are women so numb to affection?
why are they so blase to attention?
because they know, it's all about ego
the guy and his breakaway goal

i'm going back to default
i want to be my not good enough self
don't want to fail at being someone else
it's sad i believe in a soul mate
having witnessed that one
that ship that sailed

this place doesn't breed people toxic enough to like me
they're all too healthy, too hippy
fine and dandy but not for me

i enjoy felatio more in tight plastic
this is the tale of the trojan treasure
don't tell me it "counts"
as if that's what i give a shit about
don't give the game away and i might stay happy
i know you're an abused angel, that's why you slept with me
i'll try to remember it fondly
but baby, there's no guarantee