31 Jul 2008


i’d like to narrow it down to rose
it was farce, now it's tragedy
i'm logical, grasping for love

quite requited
i like that

it's a fly vertex
it's a poisoned corner
it's fucked, but it’s flicked, kinetic,stuk~
nature is a whore
isn't that what he said
that self-killer?

do you see how bitter the reality is?
can you love me through that clarity?

i disrespect people who respect me
familiarity breeds contempt
that's another reason i'm in the vortex
i see you sittin’ there – ya think you’re so cool
well why don’t you just...
that's my delirium, that's hell
that's what i got and didn't deserve
my reward for being assraped in my sleep
twenty thousand leagues under dramamine
that's when i get honey on my tongue
that's when i find those folds i looked for
that weren't there when i needed them
that would have got me a gig in dirty vancouver
that would have kept me out of organic nelson
now it's a gratuitous grace
now it’s a gratuitous grace
ace in the hole, yo
i know how to make a space
for us to bury treasure that will
never never never ever again be seen

drinkin up finley’s
finley o’ fiasco
jonathan, luc, michael
we all have biblical names
poor forget, hope less, homeless, friends with punnish names
i'm dissociating and remembering these tangled webs
but not tangled enough i guess, i never got that good strand
that goddew, that goddamn dew, that's what i wanted in the web
where is it, can anyone direct me? nevermind, don't impoverish guatemala
to prop up my lifestyle, we will aportion the fruits of the earth
in the morning, when we wake up, we will grind coffee for gaia, we
will sit down and work this out all civilized like

it’s got to expand, solvents will solve everything, clean the stainless steel, cement the cracks, pave over love, wrap your sore finger in tight plastic, dildos for all, of anita hardcock stock, hardy, hearty, healthy, wealthy, wise business decisions, invest in a machine that’ll retain its sheen, pristine hobart dishpit, it’s the shit yo, it’ll appreciate, it’s a work of art, keep it frosty, keep the steel shining, it’s what you want to do, it’s why they pay you wages, i suck electricity, i metabolize music, i record, archive, ramble, moan, forget to take my serts... if a drunk dies i don’t hear, it’s a splatter i scraped off the new hobart dishwasher steel, just a lost synapse, polished over with steel cleener, smells like steel clean, real steel clean, steely eyed while that same goddamn iron maiden song plays, AGAIN, how many times do i have to hear this stupid fucking song, thinking about my lost girl and how it lapped literary waves, stfu, scrub, rehab 2029 bioclock marty mcfly, brain salad surgery, giger got it right with dx balls

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