1 Jun 2012

Placating Imps

of Pavlov's slow mutant variety. Synesthesia was push-button easy in a dream, and the fretboard was an open book with a deep index, so easy to cross reference. Creative names for courthouse corner offices. We could have a league of our own here on the Celtic generic sportsfield. Too bad about the goldfish memory, but it isn't that bad, worry is worse, absence could make a beautiful woodcut, even against the grain. Cats, sex, nazis, and Mr. Happy... BRING IT, said the void. Scrotum shaved with a razor sharp to the nanoscale and not compromised. There's always a craft to man and ship and when it's ship ing you can rake in an obscene hourly wage for a working stiff. Yeah, the more money you have, the harder it is to keep track of, but try

Gurgle. Glurgle. This is my life now. It'll go good with gray stubble. Maybe eventually with national geographics, my "cadillac hour". There're whole flakes of fragments flying by, I'm gonna buy them wholesale, sell them to the highest bidder, the one with the top scores in the blood said one owns, or is perhaps on loan from God (MA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Natura Covalent Bonds and PolyAtomic Ion Conglomerate.

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