26 Jul 2011

22 Jul 2011

19 Jul 2011

testing the limits of procrastination

nothing's gonna happen
or if it does, you won't notice

must reject philosophy
can't think anymore

facebook could be a portal
closest thing to that on my bookmark bar
nothing worth getting sucked into though

still haven't written about the plywood house
still haven't written about the collector
the shelf is crammed full of projects
can't pick up anything

gotta experience something else
sniff out oil money
save the whales, save the world
flip a coin

memories, compilation album
even that, i can't be bothered with
there's many ways to say it
no one told me when to run
this is it... this is it? okay
this is it too - see? i can "this is it", just like you
this is what i do

it's stanza-esque here in this river - gasoline rainbows, i wonder what they taste like - a gum eraser kneaded into an ear flap - an imaginary cochlea - ah - she's going to sing

sucrets sticker on the savoury room wall - i owe the patron god of medicine a rooster - in my own words - this is enriching, in some shining crazy diamond way i can't see, like a fox

the oblivion of being, that sounds about right - it doesn't need a referral - it doesn't need a script - but it is a script - this is a script - i'm so deep in character, i forgot i was playing a role - i still don't even really believe that that's what's happening, but it is

at least i want it to be - how long can this go on? nirvana still smoking, blowing smoke out, up, around - an equilibrium of not quite enough rope to hang

12 Jul 2011

grape maintenance

maintaining sinking equilibrium
no rocking the boat, only a slow slide down
it doesn't roll off the tongue
but it sticks in the first person's craw
gender neutral pronoun comma

maybe the grapes are sour
actually it wouldn't surprise me
although i can remember sweet feelings

another last ounce of strength
empty can rattle

holes in sarcasm