22 Jul 2008

hara kiri kamikaze

hara kiri, hari hari
hara kiri, kamikaze
my afterlife
will last 330 milliseconds

oh it's hara kiri time
and i'll meet nobody's eyes
it's kamikaze time
a shameful suicide
i won't give you trouble
if you don't harm my pride
it's hara kiri time cause
i'm dead inside

he was a logical asshole
i'm an irrational saint
he was technically correct
he was technically correct

everybody loves a chump
everybody loves a chump
we don't chloroform our friends
unless they're really good friends
everybody loves a chump

it's hara kiri time
i won't work another day to support my inner child
it's kamikaze time
it doesn't have to get intolerable before i quit
it's hara kiri time
i don't want to test the stress limits
it's kamikaze time
i can see where this is headed
it's hara kiri time
i'm taking you down with me
it's kamikaze time
you're fired

oh yes, you're being pretty petty
oh yes, and it costs you a pretty penny
right back at you retard, i can be as petty as you
when i talk revenge i follow through
it doesn't cost me a thing
my life is worth nothing

it's hara kiri time
i'm so clean you can't see me
it's kamikaze time
i'm next to godliness
i'll be gone
in my chasm of deadcalm
you won't find the vermin you need to loathe
anyone can feel angst, anyone can be angst
everyone's a snowflake, everyone's a critic

oh it's so funny, your need to be elite
how you sweat to seem so cool
i guess you're elite at being elite
it's easy to be rich if that's all you want to do

i haven't forgiven you, it was only a moment of weakness
we're all sinners, still sinners
but at least i didn't get caught stealing smokes from my checkout aisle
there's that in my favour
it takes more than blamelessness
to get into the canadian land of the dead
i just have to do one thing
put you in the E.R.
that's all i've got to do
then you get a story, a sympathy card
whatever it is people like you get out of the deal
and i get an afterlife
it will last 330 milliseconds but it'll feel longer

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