19 Oct 2018

the leukocytes are bright tonight

i saw the leukocytes again
it's been a few weeks since i saw them
i always love it when i see them
i love my leukocytes
especially when they become visible, animate
the way they move
darting, curving in directions
as inscrutable as an insect
except i figure i could figure them out
someone has, some neuroscientist
like the etymologist figured out that figuration of an insect's flight
someone named them so i could rhapsodize
but mostly i feel a loving bond
with my body, cause they seem so personal
little people in a hurry, an ecstatic hurry
i don't know what their agenda is
but they're mine, in a sense
i love my leukocytes
they usually show themselves
for about half a minute
after i've put myself through a moment of
extreme physical exertion
but it was only a minor exertion just now
so i can't find the causation
just a vague correlation
there's no 430 nanometer wavelength of sky blue anywhere
is it the wall of mirrors, or is that just the
obvious symbolism i would use in a rhapsody?
cause I'm working in the drama room maybe?
i'm curious and yet i don't quite want to know why
and sever the bond


Chels said...

i feel mine abandoning posts
they lost hold of the line
in the face of my nephews' strep throat...
got that tinge thickening tingle
& sense of impending doom
'tis the season

Hector the Crow said...

ah, that sucks - i was sick for a couple weeks recently with a cold, it didn't get that bad, but lingered for quite a bit