7 Aug 2006

Suite for Guitar and Strings in E minor

I've been chipping away at this bastard on and off for a year or three - hard to remember now. Finally finished last night. Recorded and MP3 encoded. It's a piece for acoustic guitar and string orchestra, structured a bit like a concerto with three movements. The movements are meant to flow seamlessly from one to the next, but I've split number 3 for convenience.

Movement 1 and 2: Andante - Presto (10:37, 12.1mb)

Movement 3: Moderato (10:50, 12.4mb)


nobody said...

I haven't heard movement 3 yet- but one and two were so beautiful- I was happily mesmerized.

Hippie Craque said...

Awesome Hazel, thanks for listening.


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