4 Nov 2009

unfit for human consumption

I don’t know how I can get any humbler. Wandering around an industrial park in the cold wind, looking for a KFC. I can’t stand the sight of the poppy on my jacket. They fought World War II, for this? Well, black and white brings a dignified facade. If you think about it, there would be plenty of indignity in the alternate future, with less whorehouses to choose from, to eat at, to work at – wouldn’t there?

I don’t have the stamina for communism, haven’t had since high school. The system is broken, and I’ll buy that for a dollar. I know how I can get humbler: ask for directions. Cause there’s no numbers on the buildings. There’s a secret code that only carburetors can read.

How can they humble me further? Interview me for the “position”, right in the restaurant, within earshot of every customer. Hey. And tell me how many other applicants there are for the job before I leave. They always do that. It must be a bad sign. Well, I regurgitated all the information from my resume the interviewer had right in fucking front of her. My work here is done.


Anonymous said...

heh,, that is how they interview at the boarders book store. . and when i called to see if they were hiring a couple of months ago, the chick that answered the phone said, we haven't evaluated that yet...
lol. get on the producer gig. u would be good at that. but in the meantime, good for u that you stepped out of your comfort zone for the other! ~t

paulette said...

wouldn't ya like to end one of those interviews by firing up a smoke and asking, " was it good for you?"

Hector the Crow said...


Tasha_Klein said...

o yeah, real funny u guys. break out the jokes, after.

paulette ~ come post a short at

Hector the Crow said...

hey tasha - hey paulette - yeah, why not post something at the font 3 poems site? you should post more, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

'shorts' are hard to do... but maybe ... i have .. one, called, 'feeling so sweet in your embrace' lol kisses.


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