15 Jun 2005

The New Apocalypse

So the headache won't break
so i thought i should say

I'll call
-toss a handful of coins into the
pile at the center of the table
gross planetary product pocket change
[seven hours @
nine bucks an hour
CND @ 0.86 USD
hanging on
flexeril's every word] screaming
prickly political poetry so loud i can't hear the
silence before the storm
(can't feel the slightest wind
obese prophecies starving
(the curve is too shallow
so much left to consume

I'll call
-i'm still in the game, why wouldn't i be, we've
still got kilowatts of energy to blow and
lines to tow, party lines, goes to show you
might as well go hedonistic, break this way
that way if the head's aching anyway
break like the wind, spinal
tapdance on advanced tombstone
with financial prepitaph of U.S.Divinflation
civilization cause i say so, it's american knowhow
goes to show the Land of the Dead is hollywood's totentanz
[cinema verité matrix veracity, FX to the max, si?]

I'll call
no bullshit
put my cash in the economy
codified cache of labour in the timeslot for webTV
missed the part about reality, occupied
nerves, tonight i'm a sense junkie

I'll call it as i see it as they wire it to my brain
as they google it to grok it and the chaos swallows blame
but they splurged the reserves imperceptibly implausibly
with bagdadburningbabblingblog
a bit a byte a fright a fraud

The oil age slides on and
i remember what i had to say
that special something:
The New Apocalypse
is as Old as the Nuclear Option

but i can't believe my own words, things are too stable in this commodious canadian fable, like jesus still hanging round the manger, still tripping on his own buzzing halo, christ on a crutch, could the barn be burning without a label, alliterative CNN headline like "Peak Oil Panic sends Planet up Piss River without Paddle"? Nah, self organs would let me know if that was true, and this half-digested spew on my shirt accentuates the pink paisley pattern, i'm not sick, i'm well adjusted, i'm going to the stars, queued up for the celestial download, just don't you disconnect before i get the goods.

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Dez M.E. King said...

lots to digest in here - some great wordflow, and great themeplay. I'll have to re-read and comment at length

cutoff - Cutoff from nothing, it's okay, there was nothing there anyway - wallfacer, door closing, wallfacer project... let's cut ...