20 Oct 2006

re: invest your money wisely

if you want to spend your old age in something
a step above a coldwater flat in st. pete

the most important thing about being a step up
is your view on the people below because
without that, where have you arrived?

no, none of those suits make you look
dynamic and resourceful, and the green cotton
might make a great haiku but, you know
kung fu, you know where your opposing drone
is going to move the bishop, you know
there's no point wasting time

step to me punk 
and you're gonna get a beating

generic crunk rap
is the classical music of the future
i don't know quite how to feel about that
so i laugh, imagining the novelty of
geezers in coldwater flats harvesting
carbon-based energy, downloading television
(crichton was a pessimist
he never saw the use for a greenhouse)
tundra will be an ancient relic
like andy warhol

and i didn't build the orange bridge
but i drove a car over the orange bridge
so many times, sinful times, good times
and my consumption motivated those
people to build the orange bridge
so you can thank me for that

and my contribution to evolution
is to slough off survival
yes, i'm the omniscient plant
the lotus eaten, i don't care
i don't even rock, i'm pawn scum
punk scuzz with an overgrown hawk
and nothing to sell

i won't fight for higher ground
i’ll kill myself before i kill you
that's the hippie craque guarantee

when the melting glaciers drown the orange bridge
i give up
i give up on humanity, the orange bridge

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