29 Jan 2007

Proud Owner

pride is delicate, expensive, high maintenance, pain-in-the-ass property. for every fleeting ego-trip there is a massive tax on sanity. is it worth it? i’ve been programmed with pride. it’s primitive and sexual. alpha monkey prototype of the modern luxury is now a high nuance, high definition consumer product – every citizen a king, every consumer a television, but what do you do when your neighbor’s screen dwarfs yours? what do you do when your body fails you, and you need to pay someone to help you take your showers?

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razberrychaos said...

i like that - what do you do when a neighbor's screen dwarfs you? you sound sad darlin', and i hope you feel better soon.

I gotta say, I'm kinda loving the Ok Boomer thing. The only people that get offended by it are insufferable kissasses from younger gener...