4 Apr 2007

parallel rabbit holes on a street corner

if a tree falls in the woods, is the sound transcribed
for blogger's stenographic record?

collected childhood drawings
enjoy the soft screetch of perception
of being known, of passing through a mind with a vessel
pissing in the wind, whistling past the grave yard, possibly
to be in the fossil record of the digital future

"the digital future", such a linear notion
the foot-on-the-gas mentality, non-harmony
carving a path through planetary destiny

how unfair, those roman plebs long past
never had their life stories preserved in online archives
were only represented as lucius and pullo in a tv series
the only grunts mentioned by name, by julius caesar

a haunted house with a nauseating smell
is somehow touching, a shack remains
one of a few, god forbid we run out of mystery
like we're running out of history


i can't stop eating these salsa flavoured chips
as long as i don't think about what i'm doing
and shut off the stomach cam, i don’t want to see
what the eyes can't digest

i'm clinging to light and a lukewarm tea cup
cause they shut off our gas
but not electricity
so we have light but not heat
and earl grey is my new favourite drink

calorie restriction
and consciousness
it’s examination
of gak
of euphoria
what is natural, should i care? what is healthy, is health natural?
what is society, is society natural, is society healthy? should i care?

calorie restriction
and consciousness
it’s awareness
of binge
of food
of brain chemicals
parallel rabbit holes, nevermind the carnivorous associations

so is this a binge, is this what a binge is?
i never noticed before
now health is an issue and
the physical can't be ignored, and the physical is mental
and the mental is physical
because it's all a series of
cycles and if you can determine the frequency, you can see
where you fit even if you don't know what is
natural, and healthy, and society, and should you care?

a wild night with half-caffeinated coffee
analyzing electro-chemical thought to the point of hallucination
a naturopathic purge

no binge this week
no booze this week, just a lot of thc
and now reeses' candy, brain candy after
that meta-fiction movie, a grim laugh at society
is it healthy to laugh at society, if a laugh is natural
does that naturalize absurdity?

alice naturalized to wonderland eventually
throw infinity at the psyche and watch it adapt
like i'm starting to like this earl grey, sans cream, naturally

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