14 Jan 2008

~the strawberry river~

the strawberry river
~the strawberry river effect
~~the strawberry river syndrome
~~~how quickly it fades
to carbon monoxide clouds

joyce said he could explain every word - DID he explain ANY word, or did he leave that to others? as others so eagerly did, an exegesal free for all, a shared joycean hallucination, a ravgravy floatilla

DID the bitch write me ANY sonnet? i think not - and i don't think i was an equal partner in the great delusion of self - but i did reach out quickly and enthusiastically, given the erroneous hint of possibility, for the mirage, between drug deliriums, an endorphin rush, a cruelly deceptive hallucination, but there was facilitation on the other end of the socket, just enough for a spark, a shock, and a burn - no power - electric ignorance - mastering the magic of illusion - perhaps enough for another round, another stupid card trick that won't prove prophetic but will prove pathetic, to seven decimals, and i'll show my work

please, some charity for the moat people - the wretched wrecks on the moatbeach - can you spare another magic trick? see look - there's a guy with thick arms - it all makes sense now ~ so maybe i'll wait, till the music's over ~ persona non grata, sitting alone in the corner of the bar - ten dollars makes a difference - i'll buy happiness - embrace the garish path - hi, we're the pick of destiny - oh look, you found the charity case - congratulations - but our princess is in another castle

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