27 Apr 2008

i have had a vision

God touched me.

It felt good.


I'm drinking beer with God.
It's a good time.

God's got a bottle opener.
He opened His beer Himself.

It's a god meeting.
It's a garden party.
There is trance music.
It is shambhalala aha haha.

I’m meeting God
in a sunny room
with white walls
and force of life.

I’m going
to go into medicine.
I’m going
to become a doctor, fuck yeah, God
damn, goddayum ummum mum.

Forget 2012
it's all about 008.
If it’s not sigma, then it’s not.
And I mean that.
Thus, it follows.

Let’s go
fly a kite, up where the air is clear.
It sounds better with the chorus, soaring
soaring soaring, up
where the air is clear, O
by the power of my concave chest
I dedicate myself to windfarms.

and i will always be the little crack in the basement

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