18 May 2008

got to her first

and who am i to say
it should be any other way?
i'd have to be the devil
and i'm not cut out to be the devil
i deal with the devil every day
in every way
because i just can't be the devil

i can't steal what isn't mine
but i could steal what isn't mine

maybe i’ll buy a car, i said
how hideous, she replied
how true, i love her honesty
and its clash with the crackpipe
of unsustainable reality

yes, it's yes
the national institute of mental health
is working on the problem
we can't go digging through refuse
for beauty all the time
the tarot of hazy neuroscience

my friend is sucking the black nipple of depression
my other friend worries he's going to worry himself into cancer
my other friend worries her growth is malignant
i'm listening to yes and trying not to worry
remembering the day

i have too many friends
the void beckons me toward friends
beckons my friend flock toward the edge
the void loves friends

yes is audacious, you gotta give them that

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