3 Sep 2008

ziegfried humperdinck's theme party

there's a spring in my step - i don't think that it's mine
there's notes on my pad, a quake in my spine
don't ask how they got there - i don't think they're mine
quiver, yeah i feel fine, really
yes i feel fine, shudder, really but
where were you when my whole body ached?
where were you when madness was a headdress
stapled to my temples, soul sickness
expressed in mad hat choice, like
there’s gotta be something wrong
and if you look too long you’ll catch it too
well i feel fine, but feel free to stay over there
if i'm scaring you, didn't mean to, sorry

every day's been garbage day since
i don't know when
but maybe i didn't throw out my brain
like i thought, looks like
there's something at the back of the fridge
the hairy jar of juice on the bottom rack
there’s beans in my dip, there’s a spring in my step
there’s spunk on my shirt - i don’t think that it’s mine

it’s awareness week
at the awareness fair
i'm hawking my wares
it’s awareness with flair

it’s awareness awareness week, are you aware?
and it’s a baseball cap, not a thought shield
and it makes me look less gay, i’m straight by the way
but i’m trying not to let it get to my head

now self awareness sold out
and that’s just as well
cause there’s other things you ought to try
there's this theme, there's this party

but it's sad to think that it might have been nothing but
an old time caffeine rush, those childhood riffs
when i spun straw into gold, grooved on gray skies
when the world didn't see things my way
and people were cross and country was friendly
it's sad to think it was only the candybar
i'd eaten and forgotten
back when a snickers cost eighty five cents
and choco wasn't drugs

well the drugs stopped working
and the magic isn't real
tarot says i've still got the power to heal
but i'll die before finishing med school

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