12 Mar 2009

it's the new OCD

new habits for a new age
new holes to pick, new nails to chew
new skin to scratch till it bleeds

revel ling in sick ness
homage to constanza grazioso
and gratuitous grace

once imagined i was rebelling in health
immune to the system of darwinian selection
revel ling in sick ness
at one with the germs, just
one of the germs, justice

in being sick
and still able to type
still typing and sick
and fryin mah brayne like'n egg on uh stove
and still able to type
working three days a week
missing every second band practice
but showing up to all the gigs
and still typing
things better left unsaid

they said that's better, those things
if they were unsaid, they know better than me, them
yeah, it's better, for everyone
not just me, not just them, everyone
i know they're right, they smell right
and true, i can smell truth, it's a scent
wafting from my fingertips, i compulsively
smell truth, and tell truth, i compulsively
tell and smell truth, i compulsively
sleuth out the smell of truth to tell the truth
and my fingertips spell proof to tell the truth
and it's the new OCD as i see it
being offered in the pharmacy
spelled out for all to see, labeled, FDA-approved
kid tested, pressure-grooved, it's the new OCD
and it's right as rain, it's true blue
it hit the main vein, stayed true to the cause
and par for the course, remained trained

and the remainder filled the shelves of your dreams
to overflow, the porno-compartments littered with excess gesture
to tell the truth, compulsively, in the slimiest rhymiest way possible
to the point where truth is a contract, contracted to a germ, buried
in legal jargon

revel but don't revel in it
not actively, passively maybe
and OD on OCD

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