3 Mar 2009


this morning she woke up in tucson - she doesn't think she drove - her profile was limited, still - there were still limits - it was a mexican decor - not a real one, but a semblance, enough to call itself that

her pockets were heavy, that's probably why her back ached, as well as various ligaments and hamstrings - she checked her pockets, and they were stuffed with gold bricks - she knew enough not to bother trying to figure out where the gold was from - she only knew where it was going - to the pawn shop

yes, that's what you do with gold, isn't it?

her childhood friend works for intel, still, as i write this, and i'm not shitting you - he's soon to lose his job, because AMD is kicking intel's ass, it's the circle of life, it's rome and the visigoths, there's nothing you can do, just get out while the getting's good

her childhood friend could probably make use of the gold, better use than traders and financiers - if you're into that sort of thing - if you're a circuit breaker - a noble calling, the noblest - it will save us in the end, just you wait - history is a race between intelligence and catastrophe - a sack race, if i remember correctly - or a bag race, one of those, i'm positive - or that race where you and a buddy (or for the purposes of this hypothesis, let's say, a buddy) balance a balloon between your respective torsos and shuffle between two rally points, the objective being to end your course ahead of your opponents - yes, that's what history is - it's also a nightmare from which we can't awake - which is a pessimistic outlook, but accurate to nine decimal points - which isn't saying a lot really - and that isn't false modesty - it's quite true

this morning she woke up in tucson - this afternoon she's still there - on her left is a waffle maison - on her right is the international house of pancakes - below her is a fiber optic cable - under that is a sewer line - above her is a con-trail like a drop of blood in a syringe - it's a good sign - a sign that they've hit the vein - it means the afternoon is off to a good start and the night might just be saved - there's gold bricks in her pocket - there's a pawn shop beyond the Sonic Drive-In

"we buy diamonds - we sell diamonds"

she has no diamonds - what about gold? they'd better buy gold - everything hinges on that

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