13 May 2009

belmont pussycat theatre

Josephine Haesel, prole organism, disappears, reappears, like loony ink, always green when not in the red car, sometimes sad with steady gaze from extra-facial output, seeing soul, leaving ethereal constituents undisturbed but not untouched, tweaked with supplements and organic swag, an undiscovered entrance, entrancing, not enchanting, no spells, no surface level conscious entrance, nothing's broken, still the all-seasons face lingers, like a ghost, like there's something unfinished - thinking back to the lost blog, maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe grohman will be seen again.

Luxe: last unknown whereabouts a master shot, found dead of dilaudid hex, luxe dead, girl in a magazine, unloaded luxe.

Miss Jordan worked and smiled, toumbi the rock worked and smiled and panicked and smiled and worked and on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh days, he rested, and learned and forgot, bound in green gauze, not smug, snug in the valley of kootenay paranoia - art therapy won't get rid of it, but it will make great art, paranoid art for paranoids, angsty spiros for placids trying to hold onto something good and safe that might exist on past canvas that might justify extra-canvas goodness and safety.

My little time-bomb's about to ex plode @ Charlotte's knot, cause the devil just can't be the devil, near-eternal torment of resisting incarnation, and it's bad to be good, like junk food and junk drugs are bad, it doesn't feel good to be good, and a good deed is dead before it hits the floor, not its own reward, not even that, but D.O.A. but anyway. Tickatockatickatocka. Just can't be the devil, even when active, not Passive Kate, pathetically drunk pony, my little TINA Utopia wordwrap diary, t-rav's grav.

Ity bong pacified the blacksmith's dirty cunt, she bartered her body to be here tonight, so he and she could write on top of keno cards, passing crush notes like schoolkids, pretend-land, the real ity of the bartered body not thought-of, tossed off like an interesting factoid, not likely to ruin the coke-and-booze fueled evening that could go anywhere in pretend-land, phonecam shots by tweaker director making it less pretend and more bound to low res digital nostalgia, worth it in Catholic salsa retro.

Served - Kelsey will be your. Saved Jager for Chanai in the freezer, fired. Amber drum money, dressed hair, washed pots, stained cups are ready Ashley, dread Scarlett Flora. Tabby played with a radiant poker face, turned down expensive sushi dinner, and desert @ cafe nexus neighbor. Wendy shambles, domesticat, belmont burlesque, Jolene reality. Daphney and desert, steak and potatoes, electrolytes, sam squirrel hug, Matilda's tough titty. Josh riding super-pissed Rhi. Goldeylox redfish paisley princess boyfriend, re-hab Rose. Sarah sells Margaret crack by the razberry bush in the sacred yard work love glass thorn dancer, Mazzy chaos, when Stu, and Ralph, and Glen, and L- and L- and...

Corrine Mezaline badfight, cuddle and genuity, Fidelle Cherry Julia, Denica Forget Weezer, never say that to me again, Stephen hangs

Brightly in the country iris kiss, cameltoe show at caustin before high school, the zen of not picking cherries, German jaunt to South America.

Cheryl-Lynn doesn't bite, corkscrew lost, no excuse to come over yet, ordering parts from some office somewhere, hasn't been fabricated yet.

Bluffing Kerry knew on top of red wine, white nectar, finer things, pull over driver, Hector

blond molly, leek wisdom, Jenni suffering hippie Harmony slow, Kris just sits, legs suspended, taken care of. April eightball and vodka, fluxotene chills, player Chels, Jack raps, Katie the musical, a ride, return flight with other passengers, novelty, card games.

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