13 Sep 2009

bite the bullet

what is there to lose? face it, the cream has separated, there's no muddying the water anymore - the chaff has ground into the soil of social assistance - why not listen to other people's lives? pass, and listen - they won't call you pathetic, that's for you to do, that's your responsibility - there there - there's always sarcasm - sarcastic steak and potatoes, a security blanket - your sister had to eat her heaches, you're being nice to her

the music might fade - a slackening ego -- - the best things happened on the now-flooded floors of the space-colony - the devil tuning up his fiddle

the ugly parts of the personality don't come through in an obsequious exterior - that shy guy is likable enough, in a contemptible way - his soul is on a lucky leash, it won't get him in trouble too often, it's for his own good - he won't die for a while yet, the dice are hot - his fire is carefully funneled through a climate control system - no one need stand next to it

let zoloft run the projector - let zoloft rule the night - let zoloft direct the show, a flash in a darkened theatre - a dream that was really a memory - i like the new red gelcaps

let x = y - let a void be a void - where a kid can be a kid - no song need be sung - let others sort of entertain crowds - past accomplishments mean nothing, unless you're in dorian mode - try it over lydian for the hell of it - you'll find you are indeed in the worst of all possible worlds, and it's not bad enough

the empty can rattles the most

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