23 Sep 2009

oh how beautiful

that it falls this way

i like that world
i'll stick with the classic

of falling

i like that word

and there are those who haven't found the breathing wrong

itchy ditch diggers - and then there are

itchy ditch diggers - they get itchy.

but they don't scratch.. ..

and there are those that
go so far in appreciation of anything... and yeah...
and i'd invite you here - and it is a swirl.. . ... . . .. .

and there is the soundtrack
to our lives, let's say... i guesss

it makes sense to take the time to appreciate the putting in of an appostrophe - for all the trouble they make they save you some later - and as older and frayer as you think you're getting, at least those patterns are setting... setting in, and isn't that goodé

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