20 Mar 2010

rascality and sacredity

i am impotent, therefore i will trivialize existence - heretofore forthwith, with the wherewithall to withdraw henceforth, notwithstanding obsequious sublimity - not subtlety - i felt sublime when i was accused of sublimity - she meant subtlety, the distinction wasn't subtle either, but it made me feel subtly sublime, and i said so - i even imagined a make-up kiss in the haze of wake up, today, five or six years overdue, thus i overdid it, as i do everything when i do anything, but i used some new tricks, things i've been doing to deserving girls in theory for years, and they worked too, in real life, hypothetically speaking, they confirmed hypothesis to six decimal places, in theory

john read me a story about thomas the tank engine, then he let me sleep, it worked out alright, and if i'd been asked to do anything, i would have laid in bed anyway, thinking rascality is my sacred duty, my place being to make people feel better about themselves, gift them with the sublime emotions of contempt, condescention, and righteous anger

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