24 Mar 2010

ce n'est pas

who turned up the gravity? who turned down my energy? fundamentally, it's physical - the mentality is a consequence - march fourth in the review mirror - this woman is painting the seaside landscape in this picture on my calendar, she looks so into it, she's having a moment - somebody set up this scene, to photograph - someone dressed up and got posed, for this scene, and got paid for it, probably a lot less than the photographer who sold it to the calendar making company who mass produced it, newfie kitsch

some people get paid less than others - this seemed weird, illogical - then i got used to it - it seems normal by now, and any different arrangement seems perverse - reward for effort and sacrifice is like hairy man-ass sex, not that there's anything wrong with that - i've learned that logic is not pragmatic, protest is not effective, and "hippie" is a damning label - there's more joy to be had in the grudging acceptance of the status quo than in trying to change anything - which is to say, not much joy, but little moments here and there - acceptance, as long as it's grudging, as long as you carry that grudge, write a song about it - no point in trying to change anything - if logic won't work then what will? when logic goes on strike, they send in the scabs

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