29 Jun 2010

Eta Carinae


Chapter Break music for my dad’s audiobook recording of his own novella. It’s a bit of a mash-up. That’s what happens, as it turns out, when I compose thirty seconds at a time, for interludes – but the excerpts by themselves sounded lonely and trivial, in the larger suite, there’s more of a flow. The story is about light and astronomy, with apocalyptic undertones or overtones or some kind of tones. Here’s the original tracklist, to give thematic flavour:

1 -- The australian outback
2 -- The rounded mountains
3 -- The red earth gave way
4 -- spectra
5 -- Uluru
6 -- giant ancestors
7 -- constellations
8 -- kookaburra
9 -- the observatory grounds
10 -- Holy smokes
11 -- half of eternity
12 -- Eta Carinae
13 -- blazing star

...well, I’m off to cross-post, hippetty hop.

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