20 Oct 2010

down to a sentence

all my ducks are in a row and i don't give a damn
they couldn't be straighter and i couldn't care less

oh, i shoulda fucked oh what's her name?
should have shagged and tagged her
STD a claim to fame

heaven's little pinwheel spinning mid-air above the sidewalk
up the winding road past warfield, under the gray sky
themes evaporate to dreams
meaning melds into a skeleton key for a fretboard

discipline i out of the system
and streamline ego pistons
stopped engine stepping stone to a sunken passageway

the shadow's mind is chewing
on a problem like the well-intentioned over-corrective
reflex of the immune system, foaming over with excess
a phonebook in a dream, gear i left
in a mountain crevice above trail, candy and money
and a car tangled in a cable

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