1 Oct 2010

one of us

over caffeinated, under motivated
lying in bed doing nothing

if i just wait
and wait and wait
one of us will do something great
one node in my network
a person i’m allowed to call my peer
will reflect well on me
as a minor participant
in a scene that created greatness

it hasn’t happened yet, but eventually i’ll have known someone
who went on to do great things
and this will fill me with the feeling
that i could do great things too, a statistical certainty

not really, won’t happen to my people
the ones i’m allowed to know
because anyone who’s anyone
is in high society, not my society
not someone i’m allowed to know
even tangentially

so maybe someone who’s someone will make it to semi-greatness
maybe i’ll hear of someone i sort of knew, on the news
who did something noteworthy
and this person will be, at most, an aloof acquaintance

the rich are the good, and the good are the rich
in master morality, the only one that counts
seven figures, that's the new rich
three figures, that's the new poor

bargaining power, that's what determines worth
i'll trade peace of mind for pocket change
you give me your change
and i’ll carry your guilt in return

1 comment:

klein.tasha@gmail.com said...

u have to get off the pity pot, 99% of the population does not have as much talent as you do!


raynaud syndrome - albums left on the table - only the coldest toes to go - doesn't much matter - you've lost it - it's rick'...