5 Apr 2011

lame lion or tamed lion?

which is better? i'd go with the latter, most likely
things ain't all that tame, but i was that lame
with pockets and drawers full of crutches and canes
now i'm running, like jim fix, not quite like jimmy connors
not chasing tennis balls
not dying of a coronary
in lieu of that, clefting bangs in twain, leaving a wane
mane strain, the silent killer, the lion de-fanger
a parasite, attacks on a jungian level
you'll step in front of a bus, so, therefore...

i'll make an executive decision and shave it off, no wait
i'll wait until i'm rejected for the job, then shave it off
as a big bald fuck you, like as if i would ever do anything for them, no
i'm incidental to that, but until then
all this rockin hair and me in a rocking chair
retired... dio, time to go, he's such a gentleman, they say

these are the collection of ailments, something's always wrong...
it'll be a golden age in retrospect, gilded powerslave cap
as they mostly are, if preserved in cerebro-spinal fluid at appropriate temperature
some memories evaporated through the ear canals and ocular interface
some sweated through pores

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