4 Jan 2012


Remember that big wide world of shit? It's here again, cept this time I've got a cellphone. And something to write on it!  Please don't you comment on the merits or lack thereof contained in me being "back" in school. It is what it is, might be muonic. That's my mnemonic.

Haha, never had no peers. Without peers, I. Calming modern pop, mildly "indie", not obnoxiously so... This is gonna be the start of a blogging season, if nothing else. Maybe I can even do it without drugs! I did once, long long ago, without even trying!

Maybe sketching season too... Under duress... Black dudes with dense bone structures, or is it light bone structures? Asian kids with natural work ethics, or are they nurtured? Everyone with cells. We can all burn idle time in this information age, but i need to torch it more ferociously than anyone because I'm the only one on the bleachers with this ridiculous backpack apparatus. I should have a slide rule in there. Yes, turn up the temperature on this idle incineration, increase the kelvins. Soon they'll be nodding their heads to references I don't get, but they won't be stupid pop culture refs, or next-gen acronyms, they'll be deep cultural and intellectual touchstones I should know. Hell, I should be bringing ones with me here to fertilize the soil. Grinding them into the ground. To belabor the metaphor.

Students working shit campus jobs. Why is this taking so long? Gonna have to break away from the pack by breaking out my headphones.

Okay, no space. Yeah, I know, gimme my space. Every province had its own brand of surficial stoopid.

Aah, my system of toxic comfort running on maximal efficiency. Toque pulled down, music cranked.  In the downtrodden element. I can put this straight to blogger with a wireless text send, somewhat precognized in the morning's couch dream.

Well of course I'd be in high school again, having insisted on being stubbornly observant of the letter of the law for a token dash start, and signed up to be reoriented. Jacks of orient are surrounding me, with a respectful buffer.

Can I forget by osmosis? I don't want to hear this conversation happening next to me.

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chels said...

2012's shaping up to be a year of change all around, methinks. good luck, monsieur le crowe. i'll be keeping an eye over here lots and lots.

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