15 Jun 2006

keeping the peace

good show tonight
they're playing the coma theme

he sings of his overdosed friends
malt liquor forms of tasty riffs
spacey sounds, overproduced and unreal
springing sonically from the base
of a vomit-stained windpipe
dilated death on an artist’s
enameled-tin studio floor
concrete cadaver omega over 'n done with
artist fuck, faggoting off under that
bastard butcher's knife, splaying
blissful entrails, flailing
for void knows what

drug addiction is war
for the bourgeois boy with a chip on his shoulder

the drama, the death, but better
than war
not self-sacrifice
but self-immolating profligate vice, full on, full bore

non serviam
chromatic melodies
army of one
chemical weapons
lost in lyrics
evil drug metaphor
for mephistopheles

worked for burroughs
worked for thompson
worked for

negative nutrients
fossilized psychosis
they didn't make
it so they lie
between the masons
and the mayor

crack house / packed house

rock 'n roll detour on the short
road to death

so you're a cock-rocking man
and you served your time in hell
paid your dues
good for you
let's keep the peace
why don't we?

and pass me the syringe,
I want me a hit
of that ritalin/oxycontin cocktail
you've got going there

war is so worn

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