9 Oct 2012

With my last ounce of strength... I write and post a five star review of the iPhone app "7 little words", on iTunes App Store site, calling it "surprisingly fun" and questioning my instinctual pigeonholing of word games as being pathetic time idling for people with nothing better to do...

So, something, a way of reaching out to the world, in goodwill, a gesture, something to be remembered for in all hypocritical generosity, despite whatever else, he did that, he posted a review praising a word game he liked. Surprisingly liked, like it was an unexpected fig from the ancient tree.

With my last gram of strength I think about how black humour is so easy to traffic in when circumstances are only moderately trying. The divide is so deep. When the black humour is cutting inward as much as outward and you recognize the opportunity for heroic writing if nothing else, it's never less fun or funny. But it's something to do between work, word games, and digital media with dishes stacked, unwashed, stomach protest barely noticed, background noise, and the slow grinding of a better feeling taking too long but maybe at least noticeable like the sliver of a second hand on a clock.

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