27 Nov 2012

tired bout of late nite typing

world's getting small

my only use for the medium is... i'm not sure, actually

plenty of solitude, but i'm not doing enough with it

i know, i'll re-arrange furniture

the problem is... life itself

also, how i've come to accept

all the wrong things

and remained unwilling to accept
what could give me serenity
and by extension others, maybe

ghandi the solicitor

jonathan deon the cleaner, mastercard holder, behold, beyond beer holding, r&h holding

remembering things from the past, some of it not too distant

but it's only right and fair and true that i should be solo right now
but it's taking more of a toll than i've been inclined to admit

each evening i seem to be left with less

maybe it's these pills
i've got to get off the zoloft and trazadone and caffeine
well, certainly the zoloft and caffeine, if anything, the downers will be the last to go
only the coldest toes
but exerting that much control makes me tired to even think about

there's some comfort in this monochrome solo stability
got a new sock, new life
but the world's getting small

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