26 Feb 2013


Ukee highways

i could look at a phobos loop forever after death - and i'm saving all my good words for the medium of chat - chat is an okay word, and an okay thing - feedback death from my own nostalgia - i'm willing things to warp into ever more corrupt contours - noticing the gouges in the wall - the cracks that make me wonder, are there things developing that would necessitate thousands of dollars worth of maintenance on this house? good thing i don't own it, but am i sort of responsible anyway?

i could edit, you could edit, logo, 220 right, vibrayt, love and haight-

laid all those things to tape, but it's got to be re-magnetized - lionize the hull before we land on the roof of the bank - we'll christen a grid of consistent flavour from alexandria to timbuktu

1 comment:

chels said...

For some reason I read this one aloud, well, mouthed the words as I was reading it. It had a good mouthfeel. Glad you posted!