14 Mar 2013

i love global hotkeys

hotkey love, encompassing love of power

glakatu shekwek

glakuh, glakuhtaurus checkhak

they thsould call you thsqueek *i used a th and an s, thso iths only a half listhp, not a full listhp, the bethst of both worldths, yayah, put that in your panel*

emergency medical transcription is a game, a theory, and a hallucination - the past is history, but it's not even past, and the future's a mystery but it's bearing down on me - or actually, not really, it's not even a mystery, it takes forever, tomorrow and today are so blurred together in a monotonous slur, but at the moment, i'm grinding on energy cause it's so manifested for a lil lolitalic interval and i refuse to think of fleetingness

oh thsqueek, i just wanted to say oh to somebody, yo

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