12 Apr 2013

i AM them, then?

a sheet! it's a sheet! i need to be in school more, so, like, this, kinda, you know? yeah, you ought to, anyway - sheetform - befoul exams - blast an airhorn when you stub a toe!

i've been more direly in need of a pen shield in the past - much more direly in need of a pen shield than this - this is nothing - just mat telling his stories again. we are now on the mateau, the edge is nowhere in sight - fucking mat stories, gawd... am i ever sick of Mr. Offshore's fucking stories, or should i say, the one hypertext article that never ever ends and if you like to hear my pencil scratch pen shield, you're in luck, writing at you, you fuck.... today is a day that requires a lot of venting, and shields - oh bully for him, he gave up OTHER DRUGS on his OWN, and man, i know, i'm being rude, but fuck, today is a bad day, i was gonna name it after either robert frost or the other american poet who was a dick publicly to robert frost, walt whitman? t.s. eliot? can't remember who was who... i'm sure he doesn't mind a bit, he's blissfully unaware in his self-absorbed mat g bubble, his smug matitude, petting his platitudes... oh fuck, that's gotta be a bit over the line, but everybody's richer than me, and i'm a loser, i LOST, so... fuck you, and yours, and y'all, i'll use what little leverage i have and not stymie myself arbitrarily from self-imposed standards and thus, play my own fucking games and see how many graphs (!) i can write before he fuckeeng stops talking! fock!

and now for... whatever – and just to prove it isn't personal, i'll write during your share too – even tho you don't annoy the living fuck out of me at all – I think my head's fucked toooday ÷ tooonight = ~ oh jesus. You all just get such a giddy newfie kick outa rosie and her favourite topic, the importance of meetings ha ha ha ha ha ha!

holy god, this whole time i shouldabin ink scratchin-
the frustration of having to hear...
the mumbler
the frustration of having to hear...
WTF is with me? why is everything annoying? cause i'm a defective aberration - there's no winning this game - ADHD 2013 - the real new strain, so good at its job - ADHD without the H - just fuzz and space and hyperdefecits

SLEAZEart cutesy courtesy at this squeaky place of lots of sleaze. Rococaline keylime Geodon: It doesn't make you sleep. Terrible people - synesthetic fusion, jamband recovery, hambone protein, sheet-routine disruptor: a rolling neuroburn of body twists and stretches, skin, abdominal tattoos, tramp stamps, neck ink, freckle clusters, foie gras frontal lobes --- in my defense:

i imagine that i AM them - what does that mean, then,
to WANT want WANT someone
for yourself?
well, to a sick solipsist like the universe...

it's a cheque you can cash, ms body piercings, suffered for my sins to best perpetuate the cycle

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