19 Apr 2013


erotypalcuntours, whoopdeefuckinduplicate, smooouth superposition, stylized abstraction, lowercase teardrop, beta-kappa filtered - fine detail failure

mmm, ahh, mmm, yeah, aohmhaoomh! testify! the backup crew -aoxomoxoa, ummagumma- casket cackle, caint help m'self, the funeral was taking i'self so serious, lol ~plenty o' follicles presenting females with synthetic pheromones, looking to sacrifice everything for a good moment ~even though i was so skeptical of the baggie that looked nearly empty, i saw it was a strange form of the substance, looked like epsom salts in large-ish pellets, most of them transparent, and they turned out to be good kootenay crystals, tasted just like keta in my nose, imported to all the way over here in this eastern land-patch, and sold to me at a decent price! stashed, hacked, railed in frantic undercover bursts, windows of opportunity, but the sneaking drama of increasingly small intervals of having done the increasingly oft-needed job made the whole endeavor so briefly joyous while increasing the feeling of being so axled up to the wheel i thought i'd rolled off of~

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