30 Apr 2013


i mean boohoo, i mean dial nine one wah, i mean, somebody call a wahmbulance, i mean, i guess it's been a while since nodes of encouragement - the trough isn't feeding me - i guess i need to sleep - good thing that's so easy to do - i guess i will soon - cause the cheque isn't in the mail, there's nothing to anticipate - a diet sunkist encouraged me for three seconds when it was funny - humour i could never think of - the neverland hasbeen singularity where i was impossibly cool - it was just a pleasant itchiness, that's all it ever was - i can't stand when anyone makes too many associations with old times - i'm not fit to stand trial - serotonin sinkhole - still trying to sound poetic - words perky by definition, but some people know better - faint damnation, faintness, low blood pressure - 2% success rate - fifty attempts - lithium, magnesium, sodium, strontium - unable to adjust

but i accomplished something - i downloaded a 13.5 gigabyte torrent of spoken word wikipedia articles - does that give some context? according to his ability... materialism 2014, cause it's always one year ahead, digital- just another girlfriend? no, no such thing - rather, broken strands of razor wire in the hippocampus - the royal bank of canada - slow re-sensitization to emotional pain - reluctance to admit the necessity for a radical solution - or what seems radical when it's only forging some kind of real human relationship that is off the spectrum i've narrowly mandated for myself

marathon dragging of heels, novel wrist pain, half-broken bones out of nowhere - irrelevant as artist - jandek reference - reference, the last word spoken from the crashed coaster - i don't believe in your purity, less isn't more, you could have said more with less cliche

arabesque torture by a beautiful name - lite heaviness - second rate shakespeare - zombie stereo trend - ghetto blaster - i'll always be here for you though, mom and dad and some others, when your need outweighs my chronic slump, if that ever happens - goodnight me

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