10 Dec 2013

too tired to write about how i'm too tired to write - the primordial wanker, the starchild of the soil substrate right-less dukerat

oh, there's plenty o' words, in novel combinations yet, paths off this pulp beat, but, tired, becaus tired

working too much - for what? i don't know - compressed hours, hours of trying to finish quick as i can, so i can get back home for the night, and then a nother bout of long walking toward a wanking untaken

i miss pabst, saw a pabst can in a blue bag - got harassed again, last week it was cabs, this week cops, cause i always look suspicious, just let me walk home so i can sleep you fucking dicks, oh what a hard hard job it is, i'm sure, looking for black cats in dark rooms that aren't there, phoned in freakouts by petite bourgeois idiots in suburbs

too tired to remember about writing

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