1 Jan 2014

Oh, celefrosty

Oh, the syntax's shot to shit, when it seemed to matter so much when I wrote down notes that are useless now. Muzzle the inner critic, unleash the inner loudmouth, else nothing gets done. So let it be written, so let it be effed. Because fuck you, that's why. Because blank, the new meme I've identified, sounding like a thing people say now, like "a thing" was a new thing a few years ago, and saying "nice!" instead of "cool", or "right on", is still a thing that seemed to start about ten years ago, that should not be used when writing historical fiction. I'm not saying these things weren't "things" before they were things I noticed, or they weren't things before in historical slang cycles, I'm just trying to keep track best I can. Because, hey.

I don't remember what I meant by celefrosty, which is too damn bad, cause the neologism seems half-pregnant with octuplets of potential heavy themes, but despite having given it some context, something about getting along better with losers, it still seems more trouble than it's worth to expand a semantic mashup archive, crossword-ize, and play the association game to pin down useful intent. Which's bullshit, because style. Shut up, wake up, get up and stand in the new style. Like doin' the hectrizm in 2009. Now my money's in soybean futures, and I'm pulling the mountain mint caprice out of my back pocket for interac e-transfer security QnAs. Wouldn't the meta-me-master be proud.

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