12 Oct 2007

Fast friends


Worked, spent, played.

It's what it's all about. Dissolves in a crysalis. Those old times. Big times. Eliminate a letter from my vocabulary - stress releases me to write things stretched like taffy i shouldn't say - stay? Hey? It's one of those chronodes. Torned down. I'ma gonna flow, or I'm gonna do nothing. Why not document? Hol Lie Muth Aye. Wow.

Work hard. Play hard.

But fundamentally, I miss the other.

I guess when you sinew emotions, it gets drizzen down - wow, crushed crystals can do all this? haha - right on - let's go then -- randomaze - it's how i found love - it's how i lost love - maintain, he said - i'm trying to trick out this groovy life ride between here and there, death and life, living and working, and organicking, organing, it's all meshing together, it's fucking crazy - i miss my baby, she hurt me so bad i gots to write a blues song or something

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