4 Sep 2008


chels bells
chels bells in the fall
she believes in falling
and i’m seeing
pall malls
swirly for the sake of being swirly
information is neat
fornication’s sweet

super sweet

i’ll get a life’s worth of life out of this
but how could i be this tilted?
could it be because i aloud
myself to gelcap that yo
yes, remembering yesterdays
partenting skillz

omar likes to beedley deedley

fucking hell omar
you like to like to beedley deedley omar
fucking hell omar, and so do i
but you are so ghastly good at beedledeedlieying...
am i seeing this, am i believing this???
oh my god you are my trip - doing my tripeedee deebedeley
medelemedelmedelemedele deeds
and now you're letting adrian's horn
now you're getting me out of that sqozen chazm
and holyshit, you're actually making that
2 grams of k worth it, and then some, goddayum

you're a person i'm proud of
a chair i can bounce off of

boiling death request, se dice bufalo et stranger epochs
fountain fondu families, nubian princesi came as a forest
of frillsets, sucessful ponzi for a while

and these are my people
the afro'd robert-fripp-influenced, david bowie-referencing, latin k smokers
these are my people, they’re so
my people, they’re so
my people, they’re so
hey, when did this loop get so tight?
and i don’t mean that in a good way

smoked k tonight, yes i
never tried that way before
scraped some of it into a gelcap
after packing the sinuses
2 grams of k
that's all of it
down the drain o

can you believe that shit?
73% of americans are unable to
it’s the day the earth stood still
petrified digital glades
glaziazoes monstrazadaisikles

1 comment:

distillusioned said...

This one slipped me a sly smile. I'll pay for it later, I promise. <3

Maybe I do wanna be a sucker. Maybe it's better than a pointless sense of superiority. Miserable sense. Maybe better to get suckered in ...